About us

Cream Collective is an artistic community of musicians, artists, producers, DJs and like-minded creative individuals, Founded in late 2012. We promote creativity, catalysed by our sole focus, music that matters. We’re proud to represent the unique and undiscovered. utilising the newest and latest technology and media to shape a modern and effective platform for our artists. Our team are focused on a contemporary approach to the future of evolving media, our versatile array of artists are showcased through publishing, video, interactive media and live events. However, we are not just a music label. At Cream Collective we immerse ourselves in information management(lm) and music product placement. This means that we link our clients up with respectively known and well-established sponsors who provide our clients with free essentials in order to increase awareness of their brand. We match each client up with endorsements that directly correlates with their image and taste in order to accentuate their brand and increase awareness of not only the client’s brand but also the company who is sponsoring them. We work with sponsoring companies such as Subpac, Monster Energy, Max Factor, Chanel, Sheepys, Topshop, Triumph Motor-Bike and Jaguar to name a few in addition to A-list clients like actor David Harewood and actor Jason Matthewson, public relations agency Wolf Kasteler and much more in the publishing, lm and music industry.