Artist Gallery

Atlantic Haze

A producer/DJ based in Cologne, Germany, Atlantic Haze came to Cream Collective’s attention after providing large room beats combined with 808 lo-fi sounds that Sep Kicks (previously signed to CC) rapped over. Haze is described as having a hard-hitting, gritty yet soulful sound that arose from experimenting with the sounds of Grime, Hip-Hop and Future Bass. Atlantic Haze is now a name on the rise after the success of his recent releases. ‘Osiris’ featuring singer Anuka awarded Haze his first 1million+ release on Youtube, currently sitting at just under 2million. The track has done 750k+ on Spotify, as well as claiming the number 1 spot on the ‘New & Hot Trap’ Soundcloud chart. Haze is now sitting at an average of 30k monthly listeners on Spotify with just under 140k plays. His haunting track ‘Obey’ is soon to hit 1million views on Youtube. With the majority of his tracks hitting over 100k on Spotify, we are pushing for big releases very soon. He has collabs coming out with various artists doing some serious numbers on Spotify, one collab soon to be released with fellow electronic artist, Graves, achieving an average of 500k monthly listeners on Spotify, and two other collaborations with Mo Vibes, currently averaging 20k monthly listeners and nearly 1million on a collab with fellow Trap artist, Creepa. Atlantic Haze’s journey took him to L.A. to share his talents with the likes of UZ and Jikay, pioneers in the Trap scene. He supported TroyBoi in mid-2016 in Cologne as well as supporting Tomsize at an event by Run The Trap. Haze has headlined in Hamburg alongside Jikay with All Trap Music, in addition to headlining in Budapest and he is on track to be one of electronic music’s most anticipated acts.

Cameron Alan

Cameron Alan is a producer from South Florida, USA. He has remixed and produced other songs for other artist which have done world-wide success online. His track ‘Sushi Lounge’ really gives a summer happy feeling to the listener, with elements of japanese scale used within the melody line via the synths really adds a nice element to the song which showcases the immense skill and talent he has. His music also showcases how future thinking he is with his music and different sounds he mixes within his songs for the listener to find something new each time. His latest song ‘How I Feel’ has a beautiful chilled vibe, with elements of his vocals being distorted to help the progression of the song and the meaning behind it. His music throughout all years he has been doing does have a constant vibe around it which is Summer, Summer fun to be exact. His music makes you feel young again and makes you want to party and dance one more time. He also is a perfect producer when it comes to builds up as well. An example of this beauty being worked is shown in ‘Back To Me’ which towards the end adds every music element you could think of. Bringing a nice high to the piece and takes your own body and mind on a journey.


“One of France’s most creative new talents. In a musical climate where producers recycle songs more often than empty bottles, Phazz’s devotion to constantly expanding his repertoire makes him quite special indeed.” Vice / Thump “In case you think that electronica and R&B are incompatible, there’s a fair chance that Phazz will change your mind.” Hypetrak “Phazz is powerfully sexy and stylistically innovative.” Earmilk​w


Bringing the world a fresh type of vibe all the way from Vancouver, Canada, Ryoshi proves to be a hard-working, determined musician. Ryoshi tries to incorporate his every-day life by adding passion and individuality into his music. Taking life one day at a time, Ryoshi aims for happiness in himself as well as his fans. “I like to describe my style as eclectic. I try and bring various genres to the stage as well as my own high energy bass music.” Take a listen and follow Ryoshi, Welcome to the Cream Collective.​


LOUD, real name, Sebastian Kereti is a 19 year old from Auckland, New Zealand. Having two SoundCloud accounts ‘IAMLOUD’ and ‘LOUDv2’ he has a total of 21k followers on SoundCloud. His sound is very unique. Take for example his song ‘Angel’ has a beautiful arrangement of instruments placed beautiful into their parts of the song. A almost xylophone sounding instrument adds a beautiful element to the song, blending perfectly with the simple bass and drop beat pattern. His music will pull you into a world of hope, relaxation and also pump you up. Alongside his chilled songs, his other songs, an example being ‘GAS’ really makes you want to move your body as the music takes over you with the perfect build up and the most world crushing bass drop to ever exist from a producer so young. If you’ve ever wanted to do one thing and not the other, LOUD is the artist for you with his very versatile tracklist for all kinds of occasions for the listener. He is a superstar in the making who's music will be sooner or later take over the world.