21 Dec MOK – The House VP

“The House VP’ is MOK’s debut project. Four brand new tracks accompanied by 20 minutes of mind altering visuals and twisted narratives. This one off short film/e.p looks at the darker side of living a life of excess.”

All the songs on the VP are a combination of experience and memories of our time together sharing a house. Friendship, excess, mental health, everyday life, highs and lows.

“We chose to do ‘The House’ in a VP format because videos have always been a big part in how we present our music. This time we wanted to focus on making something deeply personal to us whilst at the same time pushing ourselves creatively.”

-Not only is The House VP based on our experiences in the house, It is also where we wrote, filmed, recorded, mixed and created the whole thing.

-The VP was done on 0 budget, created by MOK and Bezzan productions. We then had help from local actors, artists, friends and family, including animation from ‘Tarquin’ and ‘Eggshell’.

– Call Carlton was inspired by a particularly memorable house party that is now engrained in us forever, the line ‘7 in the morning never felt so good’ was taken from a video we had to remove off Facebook. You can hear the original audio within the VP.

– Quoid was filmed in just 24 hours. We had a vision for months and it ended up being the quickest video to film. In under 24 hours we made paper mache masks, bought massive hoodies, got a dance routine made up, and filmed everything in an abandoned warehouse we found that day also.

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